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About Decidedly Uncouth

We are a progression raiding focused guild on US Mal'Ganis. We raid 2 days a week, 8 hours total. Our raid days are Tuesday and Thursday, from 8pm to Midnight EST (7pm to 11pm CST/server). Starting in Shadowlands, we will be adding one or two extra raid days to the first week of Mythic raid release. Most likely Wednesday and maybe Monday. This is only for the first week.

Application Process

Please use the navigation links at the top of the page. Specifically the About section will be helpful. Alternatively, you can click through all of these accordions to learn more about us.

You start by clicking the button above log in with your Blizzard account. You will be redirected to and asked to authorize us to receive your BattleTag and character data.

Once you are back on our site, you will be asked to select the character you are applying with.

Then you will be asked to sign in with your Discord account to authorize our Discord bot, RecruitBot, to automate your application on our Discord server. The only permissions we ask for from Discord is to see your Discord username (e.g. Nickname#1234) and to be able to automatically connect you to our Discord server.

From there, our RecruitBot will connect you to our Discord server, a new private channel will be created just for you and our raiders, and your character details posted. Character name, realm, item level, progression history, notable achievements, Warcraft Logs parses, geared alts you may have, and more will be automatically pulled and posted.

And finally, you'll be asked to answer a few questions. Please answer them as our members review the rest of your app.

If we like what we see, we'll pull you into a voice channel and talk over your app. We'll ask you a few more questions and we'll see if we're a good fit for each other.

All new raiders are placed on a Trial rank. It's an organizzational rank for the guild to see who is new. Trials are not restricted on loot.

During progression, the average trial period is 4 weeks. We want to see you on a hard boss during progression to evaluate you.

During farm, the trial period is more nebulous. Your trial could last one month if there are enough challenges in the farm content to evaluate you. Or we might wait until we see you on the next progression content. While we try to avoid that, sometimes it's unavoidable. Especially around the end of an expansion. But please remember, our trials face no restrictions on loot. There's no impact to someone staying on trial status for an extended period.

Raid Expectations

We expect our raiders to maintain an 85% attendance rate. That equates to one missed raid every 4 weeks on our schedule. If you are going to miss raid time, we require our raiders to post in our attendance channel in Discord.

We use a loot council system with RC Loot Council. Main > Side > Off > Xmog. Typically if you loot an item, as long as no one "needs" the item on a higher priority, you will get the item. For example if you loot boots and you put Main, you're going to get them. If you loot bracers, put Side on them and 4 other raiders put Main, it's going to go to the other raiders.

Rarely there are exceptions. Usually trinkets that are exponentially better for one class than anyone else. When this happens, we make it known clearly that we are prioritizing that item to certain players.

Yes. You must have:

  • BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods
  • WeakAuras 2
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • RC Loot Council 2
No, we do not require you to have any number of geared alts. That said, being able to play multiple characters is a huge advantage.
When we accept your application, we believe there is a spot you can earn. You earn that spot by proving yourself on progression bosses. Most of our trials will see time on progression fights. Trial by fire.
Absolutely! Streaming can be invaluable for letting us see multiple points of view. However, we do have a few rules. We require all streamers to to mute Discord. We don't want clips of our members venting taken out of context. We also require that your stream does not cause focus issues for you in raid. Music being too loud or chat being too distracting are the two main issues. Don't make it an issue and it won't be an issue.


By clicking the Blizzard sign in button above, you will be redirected to Blizzard's site. You will be asked to log in and authorize us (Decidedly Uncouth) to retrieve information related to your World of Warcraft account. This will allow us to see the characters on your account as well as your BattleTag.
No. The site you enter your account credentials is owned by Blizzard ( At no time will Decidedly Uncouth have access to your account credentials. Once you authorize us on Blizzard's site, Blizzard sends us a special token that we can use to retrieve the data about your characters and your BattleTag.
It simplifies the application process. It gives us your character details and BattleTag in one simple step. And it lets us do some programmatic magic later in the application process. If you have an objection to us seeing the characters on your account, you can use the contact page in the About menu above to reach out to us.